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Spokane Aikido

Spokane Aikido, a member of ASU (Aikido School of Ueshiba), is led by Larry Bowman Sensei, who has maintained an Aikido training program in Spokane for many years.  Bowman Sensei and his core group of senior students welcome both beginning and advanced students.


Spokane Aikido meets at:

The Spokane Regional Police

Training Center

2302 N. Waterworks

Spokane Valley, WA

For a map Click Here


Training Times

  Monday & Friday Evenings 6-8 pm



Our Sensei

Bowman Sensei has been training in martial arts been for 34 years, studying Tae Kwan Do first and switching to  Aikido because of its application in law enforcement: "Rarely if ever did I punch or kick a person in a professional role.  It is much more common to need to throw a combatant to the ground and/or maintain them in an immobile position without injuring them. Aikido is absolutely appropriate to that goal. Our intent is not to hurt people."
After years spent training in the US, Bowman Sensei studied at Hombu Dojo in Japan for approximately 13 months and received his Shodan, or first degree black belt, there in 1983. He is now a Yodan, or fourth degree black belt.
Bowman Sensei says of his philosophy:
"I have been teaching Aikido for the 15 years that I have been in Spokane, starting instructing a group of police officers and then including non-law enforcement. I continue to teach and train Aikido to maintain my skill level and introduce a martial art to individuals who will be able to train the rest of their lives and continue to grow in the art." 

On the benefits of Aikido:
"Training in Aikido has resulted in an extended family of friends--one develops a different relationship on the mat when it is noncompetitive. Aikido is very physical, and I encourage my students to practice it in a real life manner, but the intent of non-injury is profound."






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