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About Aikido

ikido is a martial art of self defense in which the practitioner connects with the attacker and uses the aggressor's energy to throw him or her. Aikido is based on circular movement and emphasizes maintaining one's physical and emotional center. Practice centers on fluid, spiraling movements that allow blending with and subduing the attacker with a minimum of effort. 

Unlike some related martial arts, Judo, Tai Kwan Do, Karate, or Tai Chi, Aikido is routinely practiced with full physical contact. This is made possible by a constant emphasis on the safety of both the attacked and the attacker. This concept is central to Aikido: the goal is not to annihilate the attacker, but to take away his aggressive intent. Aikido is inherently noncompetitive; the focus is on being a good partner, rather than on winning or losing.

Aikido promotes physical development, mental discipline, and spiritual depth, as well as a unique balance as the partners continually change roles as attacker and attacked, eventually blending the two into one.

The Founder of Aikido is Morihei Ueshiba (1893-1969), known as O Sensei ("Great Teacher"). A consummate martial artist versed in many kinds of budo, Ueshiba had a spiritual awakening which manifested as the martial art Aikido ("the way of peace"). Aikido is a blending of various ancient martial arts coupled with a new philosophy of harmony. O Sensei taught for many years, continuing to refine Aikido until his death in 1969.






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